Serra d'Aire Handwash

Ref: 0298LV
Line: Serra d'Aire
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Prefabricated concrete hand basin.
It is distinguished by being a simple and robust piece, easy to frame, with slightly rounded edges.

It can be manufactured in white and gray, the natural colors of concrete, or in other colors, whether painted or pigmented, to be defined by the customer.
The most used finish is smooth, and it is also possible for the product to be sold with a blasted or blasted finish.

The hand basin is supplied with a 304 stainless steel grid and a timed chrome faucet.

This piece can be adapted for people with reduced mobility, as long as its base is buried in the pavement.

* Grill and timer faucet included


Weight 130 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 700 × 350 × 800 mm

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